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Working with Moxie Writing Co. has been amazing for our business. Not only has our SEO increased and our site traffic increased, but (perhaps more importantly) my stress level around our internet presence has gone way down. Ali is quick to get things done, she has great ideas for content, and she works in a way that alleviates stress. She's a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her and her services to any small business! 

- Clara Gelatt, The Pilates Collective Denver


Pilates Collective Denver, owned by Clara Gelatt, offers Pilates classes and private sessions as well as physical therapy, massage, and children’s dance classes. When Clara opened a second location, we took the opportunity to refresh the website.

In addition to adding separate pages for each of the two studios, we wanted to make it easy to book an appointment at Pilates Collective, boost their visibility with SEO, and build up blog content.


  • Website strategy: identify the ideal customer journey

  • Update website content

  • Implement SEO strategy

  • Crate a content marketing strategy

  • Build up blog content


To give Clara the most efficient and enjoyable experience possible, I laid out five phases of our project.

planning +


Being an ex-Pilates instructor myself, I quickly understood the studio’s target audience, website goals, and desired blog outcome. In our introductory discussions, Clara and I discussed:

  • A list of changes to the website

  • How the second studio differed in clientele and marketing strategy from the first

  • Goals for visitors on the site (such as signing up for an email newsletter)



To make the most of the website refresh, I implemented website strategy that would help her visitors convert to clients. Website strategy included:

  • Mapping out the ideal customer journey in detail: how we'd like people to interact with the site

  • Identifying how each page of the site acts as a touchstone along the way

  • Notes on how the content would carry that strategy through



My next step was to map out our SEO strategy. This included:

  • Comprehensive SEO keyword research

  • Content marketing strategy for the blog

  • Completing an Optimization Guide with the recommended page title and description (the meta data that shows up on Google), URL, headings and subheadings, file names for images, and more, all optimized for SEO

With this in hand, Clara could be certain we were doing everything necessary to boost the studio's visibility.



With all the strategic components laid out, I set to work writing website copy that:

  • Brought our ideal client journey to life

  • Incorporated SEO keywords

  • Struck a tone that resonated with both target audiences



I then turned my focus to blog content in order to organically build up the studio's SEO presence and provide valuable resources for clients. In following the content marketing strategy I'd previously established, the blogs:

  • Were each 1,500 - 2,500 words in length

  • Had SEO keywords incorporated throughout

  • Included strategic linking between posts


Pilates Collective Denver now has a website with clear calls to action, comprehensive SEO, and descriptive, concise copy that speaks to their clientele.

We've added a locations tab under which each studio has its own page with parking info, a link to their schedule, and testimonials unique to that particular location. Their blog is also full of interesting pieces relevant to their target audience. The studio coordinates blog posts with their social media accounts and newsletters in order to maximize visibility.

Check out the Pilates Collective Denver website here and blog here.

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