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Ali was so easy to work with. She was patient, kind, and really listened to what I was trying to say. She has a way of finessing words to easily communicate your idea in an original and refreshing tone. I have recommended Ali to a friend and will recommend her over and over again!

- Jessica Goldklang, Party Crush Events


Jessica, founder of Party Crush Events, needed a new website for the re-launch of her event planning business. I partnered with Emily Belyea Creative to give her a beautiful new site that showed off her incredible experience.


  • Create brand messaging to clarify the brand

  • Define the brand's voice

  • Create all new web content for her site

  • Collaborate with the web design and development team


In order to create content that accomplished Jessica's goals, I got to know her and her journey with Party Crush Events. After creating an initial draft of content for her site, we scheduled a call to read through it line by line and discuss her feedback.

As we went through the copy together, Jessica gave me direct, honest feedback, making it easy for me to hone the content to better fit her vision for the brand. We met twice more, each after I had stepped away to implement changes to the copy. Throughout the process, I coordinated with the design team to ensure we stayed on track with our timeline and target objectives.



Jessica's tone was a particularly fun challenge in that we had to balance her bright, vibrant personality with professionalism. With regular feedback from Jessica, I wrote brand messaging that:

  • Struck the balance between fun and professional

  • Clarified her values and vision for the business

  • Can act as a guide for content moving forward



The tone of Jessica's brand was now clearly laid out in her brand messaging, so I set to work on her website content. In partnership with the design team, I wrote website content that:

  • Demonstrated her willingness to go above and beyond for her clients

  • Told the human stories behind the events she planned

  • Showed potential clients the level of detail Jessica will infuse into every event


Jessica is thrilled with the combination of design and copy we created for her site. The photography, visuals, and messaging work hand-in-hand to project her expertise and professionalism while maintaining her magnetic personality. 


Since the launch of her website, Jessica has focused on growing her Instagram following in order to funnel clients to her website. Her business is booming!

Check out Party Crush's full website here.

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