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Denver, Colorado

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I'm a marketing copywriter for health + wellness organizations across the U.S. Past clients include fitness studios, holistic medicine practices, technology companies, fair trade brands, and more.

CIVICORE - Marketing Copy, Landing page copy

Technology company serving nonprofits -


Less time with data, more time with people.

You live to change lives. We live to help.

Your resources may be limited, but your compassion isn't.

Landing Page Content:

Online Fundraising for Schools

Software for Victim Services Organizations

For more content examples, visit CiviCore's website and blog

OnPointe Training SF - MARKETING COPY

Pilates studio

Focus on passion, not pounds. Count courage, not calories. Spread positivity, not impossibility. Think better off, not before and after. Care for yourself, don't compare yourself. Every body is a Pilates body. Worry less about how you look and more about how you feel. You were born to be real, not perfect. Don't beat yourself up, build yourself up. ​

Build yourself. OnPointe. 


Fair trade jewelry company​ -

Catalog Copy: 

We are all part of the human story. Each decision we make impacts the world around us, and precisely because of that, we have the power to spark global change every day.


As part of the Threads Worldwide community, you are part of a life-changing story. You offer women more time with their families, you provide clean drinking water, you strengthen communities, and you contribute to the rise of women. Your impact is immeasurable and infinite.

Wear your Threads jewelry with pride, knowing that you can tell a better story.​

Write your own story as a Threads Fair Trade Partner. You'll run your own social impact business and empower women around the world—all while earning trips to visit our Artisan Partners. 

Or be a catalyst for change as a Threads Ambassador. You'll invite your friends and family over to learn about our Artisan Partners and shop their handcrafted pieces. Plus you'll earn free and half-priced jewelry!

To learn more, talk with your Fair Trade Partner or visit

Be part of our life-changing story. 

Product Descriptions:

This simple textured gold bangle adds a touch of elegance whether you’re hiking in Patagonia or running a business meeting.  

The beads of our Kira Necklace are rolled by hand from recycled paper, creating a piece that is light in weight and rich in heart. 

These Threads Exclusive earrings marry the perfect combination of subtlety and shimmer. The sterling silver teardrops are textured by hand, leaving each one with a unique thumbprint of the woman who made it.​


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