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Writing & Editing

For progress of people and planet

Moxie Writing Co. offers writing and editing for humans committed to good. 


Writing connects us. It helps us understand one another, unwind the past as we co-create the future. Reading and writing deepens our empathy. It allows us to travel through time and space, to step into the skin of someone long gone and return with just the lesson we needed for today.


At Moxie, we facilitate writing for connection, for progress of people and planet. We write, ghostwrite and edit nonfiction books, memoirs, online course content, copy, and ebooks, all with the lofty intention of leaving the world better than we found it.

Discover the Process

Being a writer doesn’t have to mean pounding your head against the keyboard or struggling in isolation. Being a writer can mean conversations crackling with creative energy, a collaborative process tailored to your life, and a final product that authentically tells your story. Moxie works with thought leaders, writers, and entrepreneurs, providing ghostwriting and editing that honors experience as much as end result. 


Tell your story with moxie—and feel amazing doing it.

About Ali Weeks

Ghostwriter, Editor, + Founder of Moxie

Ali grew up writing, making sense of the world and her tumult of emotions with pages of prose. She now lends her empathy and introspection to ghostwriting and editing, helping birth stories that inspire, challenge, and inquire.


On the Moxie Blog

Visit the Moxie blog for lessons, reflections, and takeaways from the journey of self-discovery. 


Let's chat and find out.

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