Ghostwriting, editing, and consultation for global evolution

We support writers, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs in crafting your message. Some people come to us with a full manuscript ready for shaping, but most start off with a general direction and no idea where to start. We meet writers wherever you’re at in the creative process and tailor our approach accordingly.



For those who have ideas but need help translating them into writing, we’re your secret superpower. 


We’re the catalyst behind the scenes, transforming your brilliance into tangible words on a page. We have a knack for aligning brand voice and a penchant for organization. You’ll emerge from the process feeling grounded and taken care of, with a manuscript in hand that you’ll swear you penned yourself.



For those who are committed to writing, we support you with editing, shaping, and accountability. 


We provide writing prompts, structure, and the sounding board you need to bring your writing to fruition. We’ll keep in communication with calls as frequently as you’d like, providing line edits and developmental edits in between. Together, we’ll get your piece where it needs to go.

Each project is tailored to the individual client. Contact us to start the conversation. 

The Ghostwriting Process

We believe writing is as much about the process as the product. For those who have ideas but need help translating them into writing, we have an approach you’ll love. 


We’ve developed an ultra-streamlined process for capturing your voice and making the most out of your written content. All you have to do is think out loud, then we translate that into a book, one chapter at a time. We even offer ideas for you to knock out content marketing at the same time. (Told you it was efficient.)


We continuously adapt our approach to fit you and your life so you’re never left feeling like the tortured, isolated artist. That stereotype belongs in the past.


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