Ghostwriting, editing, and consultation for global evolution

We believe global change happens one person at a time. Our offering range from teaching you what we know to taking content creation off your plate completely, all for the end goal of equity and progress.

In addition to what's listed below, we offer custom copy packages tailored to your specific needs, budget, and timeline. Contact us to schedule an Exploratory Call and get a quote.


Join a 6-week intensive to tap into your authentic voice and join the revolution of being enough. Get all the details here.

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For the thought leader with brilliant, complex ideas who doesn't have time to write—we've got you.


We've developed a proprietary (and dare we say badass) process for capturing your voice and making the most out of your written content. All you have to do is think out loud, then we translate that into blogs, articles, ebooks, online courses, a full manuscript—whatever you need.

We even have an insanely efficient process for knocking out content marketing and writing your book at the same time. Told you it was badass.


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If you're committed to writing and need some support, we meet you where you're at with editing services.

Think of us like your support team: we'll provide snacks, water, and emotional support on the sidelines while you run the marathon. We like to keep in close communication with weekly or bi-weekly meetings to make sure you feel confident and clear. Meanwhile, we dig in deep, editing for narrative arc and flow while keeping an eye on line edits.

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If you want more hands-off support and accountability, consulting is for you.

We're like your "writing coach" (but with a less icky name): We're a sounding board for your process, guiding you to find your story and reflecting back what matters. We meet with writers monthly to check in on the process, offer feedback on direction, and provide strategy for what's next.

Let's see what you need.


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Test the waters with the Authentic Writing Intensive

Our 6-week writing intensive is the perfect way to get a feel for our style before committing to something bigger. Learn all about it here.


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