About Moxie

Moxie Writing Co. works with like-minded writers, thought leaders, activists, and entrepreneurs to shape your message and connect with your audience. Based in Denver, Colorado, serving writers worldwide.


What We Stand For


We believe in quality over quantity and see work as one piece of your full, rich life. To make sure we stay in it for the long haul, we work in a sustainable way that honors our whole selves. As stewards of the environment, we're proud members of 1% for the Planet and honor the earth in all that we do.



We believe great writing starts with introspection and self-awareness. When we take responsibility for our impact and claim an intention for our message, we stand the greatest chance of creating the ripple effect we intend.


We believe in genuine partnership. We work hard to be conscious allies of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ folx and don’t stand for intolerance of any kind. We love building a generous community of people who can help each other grow, and we approach each client as a potential partner in our parallel journeys.


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About Ali Weeks

Ghostwriter, Editor, + Founder of Moxie

Ali grew up writing, making sense of the world and her tumult of emotions with pages of prose. A lifelong dancer, she studied the art form alongside psychology in college, further pursuits to understand and express the depth of the human experience. While dancing professionally after college and supporting herself as a Pilates instructor, Ali saw an opportunity for her myriad passions to coalesce. She started off writing for Pilates studios and wellness brands, creating marketing and business copy. But the magnetic draw of the human story harkened her back to where it all began. 


Now Ali does what she’s always done: makes sense of the world through writing. Though this time it’s through the ever-shifting lenses of her clients, spinning the twisting and tightening tales of humans whose lives have collided with her own.

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Get to know Ali on the blog. Read the most recent posts for examples of personal writing style and an explanation of ethos. 

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