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Updated: Sep 6

One of the core beliefs of Moxie Writing Co is collaboration. We believe we each have a unique set of skills and talents, and when we can each lean into our own, we create a whole that is stronger than its parts.

Starting in September, we're putting that value to work with an interview series called Leaders We Follow. Every other week, we'll share stories about a thought leader, entrepreneur, or artist making an impact by leading with their values. We'll learn where they pull their inspiration and how they learned to leave self-doubt behind in favor of speaking boldly.

You'll be able to read a sneak peek of our conversation right here on the blog.

For the full article, you can subscribe to Moxie's Patreon channel starting at just $3 a month. Plus, as a member of our Fresh Picked crew on Patreon, you'll have a chance to submit questions for each guest and hear their answers live.

WaitWhat's Patreon?

I'm so glad you asked. Patreon is a membership platform where creatives everywhere can post content for their community. Moxie has it's own channel, meaning you can subscribe exclusively to us, or you can search through their amazing network to find other folx you'll love to follow. Moxie offers two tiers of membership starting at just 3 bucks a month to give you access to all the copywriting resources your heart desires.

Tier 1: for Champions of the Environment

This tier is for all you rock stars out there in the environmental and environmental justice spaces. We want to support your incredible work, so for just $3 a month, you'll get access to the full Leaders We Follow features, plus resources and guides created specifically for the work that you do. We'll share ways to connect with your audiences (and get more fundraising), how to use storytelling in increasing awareness of your org, and the benefit of communicating authentically. I'm incredibly passionate about this field, so I can't wait to create some invaluable resources just for you!

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Tier 2: for Impact-Driven Entrepreneurs

This tier is created for the entrepreneur committed to using their authentic voice to grow their business. Maybe you've just started to see the power of authenticity in your communications, or maybe you fully realize it's importance but don't know how to carry it out. Either way, we're here for you.

In addition to the full Leaders We Follow features, you'll get access to resources and ebooks on brand story, brand voice, and authentic copywriting. We'll ask for your input along the way so we can be sure we're creating resources that help you shine.

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We can't wait to introduce you to some true trailblazers using their business to make the world a better place. Stay tuned—good stuff is coming!


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