Leaders We Follow: Faith Williams & Brandon Finamore

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

If we want solutions for the climate crisis, we need to get personal. Our future depends on each of us clearly understanding who we are and our unique role on this planet. When we come from a place of introspection and mindfulness, we can apply ourselves to increasing awareness and putting forth solutions.

For artists Brandon Finamore and Faith Williams, their journeys have led them to present a joint gallery show at Edge Gallery in Lakewood, CO entitled At the Verge.

At the Verge shines a light onto four categories of pollinators: butterflies, hummingbirds, bees, and bats. Each artist is focusing on two, creating both aesthetic and functional pieces to increase awareness of the role of pollinators and give people tangible solutions for protecting them.

For the artists, this show feels different than any they’ve put on in the past. For one, their full-time teaching jobs have influenced the work, leading them to weave education into the presentation of their pieces. But the show also feels like a culmination of their career-long journeys to find their unique artistic voices and learn how to use them.

“When I first became really serious about my artistic practice,” Brandon said, “I was doing a lot of work that was inspired by and extremely similar to some other artists working in the fields I was interested in.” He spoke about an eye-opening moment when one of his pieces was compared to the exact artist whose work he admired most. He realized he’d been emulating someone else rather than looking deep within himself for his own inspiration. “That was a big turning point in my artistic career.”

I think that’s something we can all relate to, artist or not: realizing that we’re living up to someone else’s standards rather than figuring out our own.